Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Panolapse - Part 3

I downloaded the new version of Panolapse yesterday. I couldn't find a description of what is different, added or improved but did notice a tick box for zoom which I hadn't noticed before. In fact the description on the site had previously said that zoom could be added using a normal video processing program. Now it can be done in Panolapse.

Yesterday I took a series of six shots with the Nikon looking across to the Lincolnshire Wolds from one of our usual walks. I used Hugin to stitch them - much better results than the Serif program I usually use.

 DSCN1089-DSCN1094 copy

Next I made 308 copies of that to load in Panolapse.

For this first video panorama I forgot to change the aspect ratio offered in Panolapse so it ended up more CinemaScope than widescreen and I didn't use the zoom feature. Panolapse produced 308 stills which were made into a video using ImageToVideo.

Finally I started Panolapse again and chose 16:9 as the aspect ratio and zoomed in the start of the sequence and let it zoom out as it panned across the panorama:

All the programs I used are free and took a bit of experimenting to get them to do what I want - but that goes for any newly acquired complex program really. What I need now is a new PC with heftier processing capabilities - more memory, faster processor, etc. as the present one is working slowly and flat out when it comes to working with videos.

Nestbox News

It can't be long now before the first baby plucks up courage to leave the nest. Lots of wing exercising going on and at least one has taken a peek through the entrance.


  1. These worked very well.
    It's bliss when a PC or laptop can handle what you throw at it. My old one used to stop completely. Very annoying that was.

    1. The PC used to 'freeze' when some activity grabbed 100% of the processor time but for quite a while now I have used the utility ProcessLasso. It automatically throttles back any program which grabs too much. Slows that program down for a while but stops the whole PC from freezing.

  2. Replies
    1. TWG. It's amazing just what programs there are for enhancing photos and videos.


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