Friday, 14 June 2013

Something Mother Often Yearned For

NO - not the car or the cycle with a trailer for the dogs:


NO - not to exchange the OM for two fellers:


She often wished she had a pony and trap, something she would have seen and used a lot in her childhood. I see this one around the village a couple of times each year but this was the first time I had a camera at hand for a few snaps and the driver obviously enjoyed having his photo taken.


Penny was very good and just stood watching as it slowly passed us and continued down the main street though the pony wasn't very keen to pass too close to Penny.  I hope they managed to reach home before the hail shower which started about twenty minutes later..


  1. pretty little pony! gosh! and that little cart reminded me of when a neighbor from a few miles away came by our farm in wisconsin. i was a horse crazy girl and ran out to the road to tell him it was so beautiful and he gave me a short ride in the cart - just like that one - around the neighbor's circle drive area. thanks for the memory!

  2. That made me smile John :-) The driver was certainly enjoying himself.

    Lovely Blue Tit photos on the previous post. I think you're right about a general lack of insects this year, very worrying for the birds.

    1. Jan - the driver kept telling me to hurry up and take the photo - he was very keen.

      Noticed a few more insects yesterday - about time too.

  3. Replies
    1. A civilised method of transport Adrian.


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