Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday at the Flicks - Flutters + Tiny Planet, the Movie

There is a Buddleia plant just over the fence in next door's garden which is flowering much later than mine. It has been attracting the latest batch of butterflies:

I often use the iOS app 'Living Planet' to make my twisted pictures for Tuesdays but I actually installed it for another feature not available in other similar apps - the ability to make a Tiny Planet video from a standard video file:

Saving the Tiny Planet video is a slow process, especially on my old iPad2. The app appeared to converted 50 seconds of video to 1600 Tiny Planet stills and then made them in to the resulting video. Before the video is saved all the same facilities available to still photos can be used to adjust the final appearance. What surprised me was that it kept the original soundtrack which I wasn't expecting.

The circular line round the 'planet' isn't a kink in the program but a telephone wire which crossed the view.  The original was hand held which accounts for some of the movement in the 'planet'. This is a snapshot from the original video.


The movie was cropped to 640x480 before being sent to the iPad for turning in to a Tiny Planet. Finally iMovie was used to add the text.


  1. This is absolutely brilliant and the flag works a treat. I have never seen a moving planet before.
    The wire is a nuisance and in this case probably worth cloning out. It isn't hard if you can convert the video to frames then save as TIFF files. If I then pop them in Photoshop RAW do one and then sync it to the rest the job is done.
    Can you retake the video on a tripod? It will make a mess if the wire doesn't stop still or if it's register alters frame to frame.

    Whatever. I'm very impressed. A great Friday at the Flicks and all before daylight.

    1. Adrian: It's an amazing app and all for 99p. The video was taken 1999/2000 millennium time. It was a question of finding a suitable subject to work as a video Tiny Planet. I'll have to have a good look at some other old videos, without phone wires! It will be interesting to try a cloud time lapse as a tiny planet.

    2. John, I never thought of what I'd said before till I clicked on publish. Sorry. Good job you are all singing and dancing.

      I've been looking at the hours of work this would take to do at high resolution. Weeks I suspect. It is a very impressive App.
      I live in hope of selling pictures at high resolution. I spoke to a journalist today who is freelance but wanted a Planet picture of this camp site. I give Lyn low res pictures in exchange for free parking, showers and electric, they do her for FaceBook and such. She said can you supply this planet at 4000px square and 220dpi. I was happy to oblige. £400.00p for one use and a grand for the rights to it. Cheeky sod would have stolen it if she could. I showed her the original 7488px at 300px/inch. I stopped copywriting except in EXIF years ago.
      I'm not good but folk are starting to notice I'm strange. It's a start.
      I have got to suss this non linear video editing. It has to become instinctive. It's hard for me to shoot footage if I don't see how it all goes together. I watch outdoor broadcasts from BBC breakfast and was heartened by an awful pan up a tall ship mast this morning. There is hope for me yet. They only had half an hour to do it. That sorts the wheat from the chaff.
      I love these Apps. They are inspirational. Thanks for using them. Hundreds must but they don't blog.

  2. PS, I am now positive what Tuesdays twister is. That pesky crow wants cloning as well.

  3. Beautiful butterflies! I tried to grow Buddleia several times but it just doesn't like my wet, London clay soil.

    1. It's a shame that Matron. Round here it grows like a weed and seeds itself everywhere. Maybe try growing one in a large tub of some sort so the water can drain away.

  4. I like how the phone wire turned out in the tiny planet video - it gives the image depth and makes the flag stand out as being in another plane. Wouldn't have recognized it as a phone wire if you hadn't said.


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