Monday, 15 September 2014

I Dare You to Try Running Away

Last night eagle eyes had spotted something in the gloom:


As soon as I got the back door open Penny went rushing out to investigate:



Although they often visit it is ages since I have actually seen a Hedgehog close up. This one was fairly large, possibly a male. Years ago a dog getting that close to a Hedgehog would have got covered in fleas but these days it doesn't seem to be a problem.


After a quick look and a few photos I took Penny indoors so Spiky could disappear under the fence in peace. Though she doesn't attack them if they stay still she will chase them if they try to run away.


  1. Great to see. I used to have a Collie that could carry them. She used to bring them into the house. She never caught flees either.

  2. so cute! glad penny is respectful, for the most part. :)

  3. I agree, what a delight to get a close-up view of a hedgehog visiting the garden. I walked round the house to put food in my feeding station a few nights ago to find one at my feet too. I pulled out my phone and got a quick photo too.

    Not having a dog I never thought of them picking up fleas from hogs - good that's not a problem now. What about ticks?


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