Saturday, 13 September 2014

More Lapsed Clouds

As the Apple cameras are such wide angle I decided to order a 2x add on telephoto lens. It arrived yesterday. The lens is magnetic so if the phone body is made from a  suitable metal it will stick in place. If the body is another material then self adhesive metal rings are provided. That is what I had to use with the iPod:

2x telephoto lens DSCN3387

Being magnetic it is fast and easy to attach / detach.

I set things up with the Lapse It app set to take a photo every 3 seconds. Just over an hour and 1475 frames later it was showing a low battery warning. Those were saved at 1080p, transferred to the MacBook. Title added in iMovie along with a soundtrack created with Garage Band and saved at 720p to cut down upload file size:

Not too bad for a £5 add on lens, and that included p&p!

In the evening I set things up on a tabletop tripod in the conservatory for a Sunset time lapse, this time with just 2 seconds between frames.  No other processing this time. 720p as processed by the Lapse It app. The small orange dot which remains isn't a stuck pixel but a street lamp in the distance:

Once again this was processed in app using 'vivid colours'.


  1. These are much better.

    A funny aside. When the videos had finished The YouTube suggested viewings showed Compositing using Fusion. I dread to think what Fusion costs.

  2. The stability of the images is amazing and the exposure is good throughout both videos. Well done, John.

  3. These videos are really good! I have used the Lapse It but only once. I use my iPhone if I don't have my camera but the only problem is the fact that the zoom isn't that good so I might look at getting a similar lens (I didn't even know you could get them!).


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