Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tuesday Twister - Guess What

gold star

I had a feeling that last week's twisted photo might have been hard for some to identify. As it was there was only one fully correct answer so Adrian gets my congratulations and a virtual gold star all to himself for identifying the Union Flag,  often called the Union Jack.  Definitely patriotic Wilma and definitely a flag TWG.

IMG_0700      IMG_0215

If the Scots vote to have an independent nation then I assume Mr. Salmond will pay me to replace my Union Flags as part will have to be removed.

I don't think this week's twisted photo will cause as many headaches.

Guess What:

Please leave any guesses in the comments.
They will be revealed, along with the answer, next Tuesday.
No prizes. Just for fun and a virtual gold star.


  1. Something I've got plenty of here John.
    A slug.

  2. a slug. You made a work of art out of something that most people think of as "yucky" at best. I would hang that photo on my wall.

  3. A garden slug? Not sure what species though!


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