Sunday, 8 March 2015

Catkin Time

With Saturday temperatures reaching a dizzy 16C my corkscrew hazel bush had started to expand the catkins which were formed in early Winter. These come out before there is any sign of leaves:

DSCN3963 Corkscrew Hazel Bush

Next to the male catkins are the female flowers. These are bright red but so tiny you really have to look closely to see them:

DSCN3964 Corkscrew Hazel Catkins

I decided to put a piece under the microscope to have a closer look at a flower.
The mm divisions on the tape measure give an idea of just how small they are:


I took a few focus stacked photos with the microscope / video camera set up and processed them in Zerene Stacker. It reminds me a bit like a miniature sea anemone:

2015-03-06-15.59.47 ZS PMax2

I did the same with a catkin and it was quite a surprise to see just how much of the surface is covered in tiny hair like filaments:

2015-03-07-10.18.28 ZS PMax2

The world looks so different and so much more interesting when I can get in for a really close look.


  1. I always enjoy micro shots. It's a different world or a different perspective on the same world.

  2. Nice work, John! Adrian has it right that it is a different world when you at things in detail.

  3. I will keep an eye out for the red flowers next time I'm out on my travels, plenty of hazel on my running routes

  4. Your hazel bush looks stunning John.
    Spring is finally rushing in.
    Love the micros too.


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