Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Moving House

When I first received the new camera nest box I put it up in a temporary location at the back of the Summerhouse. For a long while it was set up for Blue Tits.


Then a few of weeks ago I converted it so it was suitable for Robins and Wrens but I didn't see any signs of interest. It was probably too close to human traffic.

Now I have moved it, still as a Robin / Wren box, to the back of the shed where it is better sheltered.


It is on the same end as the Great Tit box but I haven't seen any activity in that one since the last brood.

I have also  moved a camera back to the right position for monitoring any visiting Hedgehogs as we must be near time for them to be awake after their Winter hibernation.

 Snapshot 150324_0008


  1. You are ready for spring now!

  2. Wilma: I do hope at least one of the camera boxes gets used.


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