Friday, 20 March 2015

Partial Solar Eclipse

When I got up at 6 a.m. things didn't look very good for photographing the partial solar eclipse. Mist and cloud. Fortunately most of that started to burn off and then my only anxiety was the timing of my visit to the local medical centre for some blood tests. I was booked in for an early appointment but there is always some delay. As it happened the delay today was about half an hour so by the time I arrived back home the eclipse was well under way. Almost reaching the maximum point.

There was still some thin cloud about and a direct view of the Sun didn't look very promising:


Anyway I set up the 70D on its sturdy tripod:


Fitted with my solar filter:

 DSCN4036    DSCN4037

Brilliant. The filter seemed to cut through the haze and cloud to give some reasonable photos.

Near maximum:


Maximum eclipse seen  from home in Lincolnshire:


Various shots as the shadow moved away from the Sun:




As for the effect in general, for me it was almost a non event. Light levels did get duller, the most noticeable was indoors in the North facing kitchen which was a lot darker. Outside though there was a noticeable drop in light levels it was still more than light enough to see everything better than on a dull Winter's day.

Finally the readings from my weather station:

Screenshot  eclipse

There is an obvious dip in light and UV levels about 9.30 a.m. locally


  1. Fabulous shots with proper equipment, unlike my own rather heath robinson efforts

  2. Great, it started out with gaps in the cloud then the cloud just got thicker and it started to rain. It's sunny now.
    I'm glad you got something to show me.

  3. Well done John.

    At least I got to see it through your lens ... total cloud cover here until mid afternoon!

  4. Good set of shots John.

    I managed a few at the start, through the cloud cover.
    Like you said, I thought it was a bit of a non event. The light levels here were pretty much the same, just a drop in temperature by about 3 degrees.


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