Saturday, 23 May 2020

Attacked from Above and Below

This large suet log has been hanging in the garden for weeks without any takers.


All of a sudden, now there are hungry youngsters to feed, it is being attacked from above and below.

As well as the inevitable Starlings there has been the occasional visit from a Rook to attack it from above:


A bit of jittery video, hand held looking through the kitchen window which was in full sunlight:

The attack from below is from a Blackbird:


He flies straight up, grabs a beak full and drops down again.


I have watched Blackbirds use the same tactic to grab the berries from ivy hedges when there is no place for them to land on the plant.


  1. I do like corvids but they can be buggers with weak lambs.

  2. Big crowd of jackdaws circled over my flat the other day, can't think why


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