Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Plume Moth

When I went to open the large shed I could see two Plume Moths resting on the doors with their wings rolled up. First I tried for a single decent photo with the Nikon Colorpix S9050 but ended up with half a dozen fuzzy shots. Next I tried the iPhone with similar results. All this time, with the camera lens within a couple of inches of the moths, they stayed absolutely still. Even when I unlocked and opened a door they did not move.

In the end I though I would try the Canon M5 with a macro lens attached. No single shot was near half in focus on the subject so in desperation I tried for a series of hand held shots to put in a focus stacking program. Zerene Stacker did a grand job aligning things considering the way the position of the moth in each photo varied from shot to shot.

2022-05-02-14.12.11 ZS PMax

Camera set up - Canon M5 + Canon 18-150mm zoom lens + Raynox DCR-150 macro / close-up conversion lens.


  1. You are the expert when it comes to stacking. I must try again as it does make for much better images. A good find.

  2. Thanks, John! I have never seen anything like that before. Good work!

  3. Super nice result, John! I zoomed in on it in your Flickr account and it has amazingly clear detail, especially the fringe of the left wing. You really have a gift for this kind of imaging!


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