Saturday, 5 September 2015

A Great Hour Garden Bird Watching

Friday: When I went to put some bits in the recycle bin I thought I could hear the unmistakable twittering of Long-tailed Tits. Sure enough within a short while there were 8 to 10 of them in next door's Christmas Tree. It started life many years ago as a 2m Christmas Tree which Joan, who lived there then, planted out and it has grown, and grown.


There must have been plenty of food as they stayed, unusually, for about an hour as did a similar number of Blue Tits, mainly juveniles:


What made the hour even better for me was a couple of other birds flitting about the same tree. I am pretty certain one was a Chiffchaff:

Chiffchaff ?

If I am correct then it's my first sighting of a Chiffchaff.

It didn't end there.
Among the branches I spotted a Goldcrest rapidly darting about:


Altogether it was a very enjoyable morning's garden bird watching.
One unusual thing. All the time I was watching these visitors I didn't see one of the usual large group of House Sparrows.

Mac app 'Picture Collage Maker 3' was used this time.


  1. Oh, how wonderful to have such a feast of bird watching John! Those little long-tailed tits are too gorgeous for words! Very tiny, by the looks of it? And I can see why you're so chuffed with spotting a Chiffchaff, beautiful!

  2. those long-tails are absolutely precious! you got some great shots of them. :)

    1. TWG: They are such gentle birds. I have never seen them squabble or fight over food.

  3. The gold crest really showed off for you.

    1. It did Wilma. I was pleased to get a good shot of the crest.

  4. A good selection but the Goldcrest is the star of the show. I see them but never get a clear shot.

    1. Adrian. Fortunately the old Christmas tree is tatty with plenty of open space.


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