Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm Hungry

While I was in the kitchen I heard such a loud thump as something hit a window in the conservatory. I nipped through and just saw a shape fly up from the ground and disappear in the nearby trees. Then I spied the Sparrowhawk, female by the size and colouring:



I'm not sure whether it was her or what she was after which bounced off the window but after a short while she flew away.


  1. They are such handsome birds aren;t they John? One visits our bird feeding station almost daily although she doesn't always catch anything as the station is surrounded by holly bushes.

  2. Weaver: I'm surprised how few visits we seem to have had this year, especially when the back lawn was covered in juvenile Starlings feeding.

  3. I welcome the sight but the other birds don't.


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