Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lithops Flower

This is only the second of my Living Stones (Lithops) to produce a flower so far.
By way of an experiment I took photos at 1, 3 and 5 days as the flower appeared.
This is an experiment using the Mac app MorphX (free when I downloaded it) to blend the progress over the 5 days. A bit rough as the shots were hand held and I didn't managed to get the same point of view each time. In fact these photos were taken before I installed MorphX. The video was an afterthought.

Not the best looking of flowers but the ability of the app to morph between photos worked reasonably well and is something I will try again in the future, taking more care with the positioning of the camera.

To give an idea of how MorphX works here is a screen shot:

MorphX 2015-09-15 at 09.44.20 pm
Two photos are loaded. Draw lines on the left hand photo for morphing reference points. These are automatically repeated on the right hand photo and need adjusting to the correct places. Then tell the app to make a .mov file. I had three photos so I made two morphed movies. This time it produced 30 frame (1 second) movie files. They were slowed down and cropped in iMovie for the finished video. I also extended some stills to give time to see each stage.


  1. This is interesting and simple or relatively so.
    I have tried doing a similar thing in Blender but I am too thick to make it work.
    I wonder does it use the lines or just the anchor points?

  2. Adrian: I assume the lines are there to aid the human see where the points are but I would think the anchor points are what the program uses. It should look much smoother when there is only a part of the scene changing.

  3. Most of this goes right over my head John, but I do love Lithops - so are so un-plant like.

  4. Love to see your photo editing experiments, this one did stitch well. Not familiar with Living stones but seeing this would make me want to try growing one :-)


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