Monday, 21 September 2015

Monday Mystery - Answer.

Once again I am out of ideas for a new Monday Mystery photo so I think it's time to give things a rest for a few weeks while I work out a few more ideas. Here are the results for last week's Guess What.


Firstly well done to Adrian, The Weaver of Grass and Ragged Robin who decided there was a flower hidden behind the blur and are rewarded with the virtual Midmarsh Silver Star.


The virtual Midmarsh Gold Star and a well deserved 'well done' goes to Wilma who worked out correctly that it was a photo of one of my orchids. The only one in flower at the moment.



I haven't done much in the way of nature photography or even observing these past few days. My wrists and back are recovering from two days of wielding a small chain saw, hedge trimmer and branch loppers as I tried to tame my leylandii hedge which was getting out of control. At least I have broken the back of the job even if I feel as though I have tried to break my own as well.

Also, after a break of several years I am once again beginning to enjoy my other main hobby of amateur radio. I bought a new rig (transmitter / receiver) which can handle the newer digital modes of working ......


 ..... and am playing with that as I try to understand the 'basic' instruction book which stretches to some ninety pages. The full manual being just over 350 pages long.

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  1. I wondered what you had been up to. Leylandii are a real pain unless you can get a friendly farmer with a flail cutter to chop them down to size.
    When I first went to sea we had to learn to send and receive Morse and also had to do lots of other arcane things. Halve frequency if it was dark or was it the other way round. It was a bit hit and miss when one station was in daylight and the other in moonlight and dawn and dusk were a lottery. Perhaps I was not very good at it.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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