Tuesday, 9 July 2019

More Blood Tests

I set out in time to arrive at Louth Hospital soon after the department opened. Usually there are few waiting their turn at that time but this time the waiting room was nearly full. Fortunately there were two nurses on duty so it wasn't too long before I was on my way back home. As I always video my car journeys I have put up part of the homeward drive through the market town of Louth, Lincolnshire.

News from the doctor: My red blood cell count is fine and I don't need any more injections.

Not much sound as I toned down the volume of the music playing in the car.

A brief description of the journey:
Out through the hospital grounds. Turn right and down a steep lane, turn right towards the North end of the town to top up with petrol.  Back the way we came, on the Grimsby Road, a steep road to the bottom of the valley. Before a bypass was built all heavy traffic used this route travelling South from Grimsby to Boston and further South. At the bottom of the hill we weave round the parish church with it high tower and steeple. So high the steeple can be seen, poking up from the valley, from my village four miles away. Turning left near the pedestrian crossing would lead to the town shopping area and market place. We go straight on, up Upgate, climbing out of the valley to the traffic lights. Turn left to head towards the coast and out through the East side of the town. Finally reaching open countryside.

I wonder how the 125.9 p/litre for unleaded compares with other parts of the country.


  1. Nice tour John. As I spent many of my childhood holidays at my uncle's farm in Tetford I know the area well. Mymother used to put me on Hudson's bus bound for Horncastle where Mr Hudson would walk me across the Market Place and put me on Wright's bus for Louth, which went through Tetford, where my Aunt would meet me.

  2. That's good news. Fuel here I don't check as I have little choice of retailer and it's a rip off anyway.

  3. Adrian: Very true as duty and VAT account for about 2/3 cost.

  4. It's 121.9p/litre in the middle of Edinburgh. Good to hear your health has settled down.

  5. A nice video and such good news about the blood test results.
    Petrol here according to my last receipt was £1.229 per litre unleaded from Sainsburys - at another local garage it is 8 or 9 pence dearer per litre!


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