Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Changes All Round

First, an apology. In a Senior Moment I mis-identified the plant shown in yesterday's Macro on Monday so I have changed the clue on that post.

No wonder the weather is one of the main talking points in this country. It can be so changeable. Sunday - raining all day. Monday - wall to wall warm Sunshine. Tuesday - awake to damp, dull conditions.

Today I change my broadband router. My present one is not wireless so to connect the iPad I have used a USB add on wireless connection which seems to have stopped working. Fortunately Zen Internet pre program the router with the information for it to connect to them straight away. All I have to do is work out the settings for the iPad and an internet radio.

Zen is far from being the cheapest internet provider but I have found their service and help to be second to none with UK based problem solvers who know their system inside out and go the extra mile to sort out any problems, not that there are many problems that need solving. When I compare their competence with Tiscali (taken over by Talk Talk) where any problems had to fit in with the script on the screen in front of them otherwise they just did not understand or have the ability to help I can only conclude that you get what you pay for.

After I had been with Zen for a while I found out that they regularly come out top ISP in the Which? report and I fully endorse that conclusion.  My main reason for choosing Zen in the first place was their monthly contract rather than the usual yearly ones. After my experiences with Tiscali I wanted to be able to change provider quickly if things went wrong but happily that thought has never crossed my mind with Zen.

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  1. We were with Onetel which became Talktalk. Thankfully we haven't had any major problems but I do totally agree that, when there has been the odd niggle, if it 'doesn't fit in with the script on their screen' you are on a hiding to nothing! I shall keep Zen in mind in case of future problems!


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