Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday at the Flicks

This first video was taken a while ago when we had a particularly wet day and parts of my garden started to disappear under water. In spite of the weather the birds still had to find food. Starlings and Blackbirds took advantage of the wet grass to hunt for worms and grubs which had been forced to the surface.

Yesterday this years brat pack (Starlings and juveniles) made their first appearance.

Finally, even on dull days the birds still sing. This Song Thrush was perched on the highest point of my Leylandii tree for ten minutes.

Great Tit Nestbox:

The parents continue to feed their ever hungry offspring. It looks as though six of the seven eggs were viable which is better than last year when only four out of six hatched and fledged.

The live video feed is HERE. Yesterday I had problems with the feed as I tried out a couple of well recommended alternative firewalls to replace my usual, Zone Alarm. Unfortunately both stopped iTunes recognising the iPad and the second actually altered the settings in the router which stopped the live feed. That took me quite a while to track down and fix. Everything should be back to normal now.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Most enjoyable flicks John. I half expected to see a Mallard floating around in the first one ;-) Lovely to see a glimpse of dear Bobby.

    The Song Thrush is always such a pleasure to hear, so exuberant! I thought for the briefest of moments I could hear a Cuckoo in the background but of course it was a Collared Dove. I can remember when the sound of a Cuckoo (in Spring and Summer) was as common as the sound of a Collared Dove is now, how things have changed...sadly.

    1. Pleased you enjoyed them Jan. Often used to hear Cuckoos in the distance but not for a few years.

      Bobby hasn't been very well for a few days. Got Mike, the vet, coming to see him later today.

  2. Good morning John, sorry to hear Bobby still not so well. Hope the Vet was able to give him something to make him more comfortable.

    As always, I have enjoyed my catch-up visit, so good to see your Great tit family coming on. I remember those early moments with our families – quite special to see.

    Fingers crossed all will go well with your new family. Without nesting Blue tits we are seeing a Great tit pair visit the feeders and catching moments when the male is feeding the female which is always so nice to see as you’ll know.

    My latest post is lengthy but you might enjoy scrolling down to my first video. An amazing wildlife sight we saw on Wednesday night – Beavers (not in my garden of course). I also discovered an App you might be interested in too - Conker trees not Beavers ;-)

    Wishing you and Bobby a good week :-)


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