Thursday, 24 May 2012

Great Diving Beetle

I had taken the 50D out in the garden as I had spotted a Sparrowhawk fly past. No sign of the bird so I checked the pond for signs of life. What a surprise. There basking on a lily pad in the glorious sunshine was a Great Diving Beetle. It stayed long enough to get a few shots before diving to the bottom. That was the first indication that there were any diving beetles in my garden pond. I never know what is going to turn up next and often wonder how the various creatures arrive in the first place.

Great Diving Beetle  (Dytiscus Marginalis):
Great Diving Beetle


  1. Just goes to show what amazing wildlife a pond can hold John!
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  2. Super photo of the Great Diving Bettle John

  3. Cracking photo John! I too have often wondered how some of the inhabitants of garden ponds get there in the first place.

    1. Thank you Jan. It can be a puzzle. Those that fly or go walkabout are easy to understand. I suppose paddling birds can pick up the eggs of some creatures by accident.


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