Monday, 14 May 2012

Will This be the Next Midmarsh Hairy Monster?

A big thank you to all who left messages of sympathy.

As Bobby's health had been deteriorating on and off for months I was more prepared this time for the loss. It may seem heartless to some for me to go looking so soon after losing him but the home is so quiet and empty without a companion. We had six good years together and now it is the turn of someone else to share my home.

Today I drove to the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary to see what dogs they had in. It was difficult as they all were so welcoming and friendly. In the end there were a couple which really took my fancy and my final choice was Penny who is bouncing with energy and coming up to her fourth birthday. We had a game together, lots of hugs and kisses and went for a short walk to see how she behaved.


I have to wait a short while until the sanctuary conducts their home inspection and then I find out whether I can keep up with her.


  1. I've been away, and was so sorry to read of the loss of your dear Bobby. He certainly had a wonderful life with you caring for him so well. I enjoyed knowing him through your photos and postings

    I can understand you reaching out for another companion and Penny sounds full of life. I hope she comes home to you soon :)

  2. I think you have been very sensible in looking for another dog. The photo of the new one looks lovely. I wish you all the best with her.

  3. So sorry to hear Bobby boy has passed on, you both had some great times together that's clear to see from reading your blog. I think you should go with whatever feel right for you and you have. Hope you can keep up with her as you say;-)

  4. Not heartless at all John! We did it that way too, there is a huge hole in your life and there are so many doggies wanting good homes like yours. Get straight back in the saddle!

  5. Hope you get Penny. She will be a big help in coping with Bobby's absence.

  6. Hiya - very sorry to see that Bobby isn't with you anymore - it's true to say that they become part of the family so do hope all goes well with newly found Penny. We have Lucy our black Lab who's a great source of company on my long days away gardening for other people - even when she does go and roll in horrible things!! :-)

  7. Well done John, a lovely idea, it warms my heart to read that you may be soon be welcoming a new friend into your home. If you pass the test I trust we can look forward to regular Penny updates! Linda

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments.


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