Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Measuring with the Microscope + Video Camera

I kept looking at the calibration slides for microscopes and finally decided to invest in one.


It has dots of various sizes and, most useful for me, in the centre is a circle which contains a cross 1 mm across with a scale marked every 1/10 mm and every 1/100 mm.

Snapshot Cal 150327_0003b   Snapshot Cal 150327_0000b

By taking snapshots of that with each objective lens I could work out the actual size of each shot.

Taking a piece of moss from a hanging basket:

DSCN4119   DSCN4120

Viewing it under my lowest magnification:

2015-03-27-12.46.08 ZS PMax

I now know from photographing the calibration slide that the photo is showing a 3.3mm view across with that objective lens.


  1. I think scales make a big difference to macro and micro images. Well worth the extra work.

  2. Agree wholeheartedly with Adrian. A scale puts things perspective.

    1. Wilma. Yes, it is difficult with photographs to judge size without some reference.

  3. That's fascinating. Nature is truly amazing.

    1. Matron: It sure is, even more so when seen close up.


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